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Congratulations to Dave, age 56, CEO in the Automotive Manufacturing Industry.

Winner of March-May 2013 HealthyWNY Challenge

Dave lost 34 lbs! Read his story below... Are you ready to take a challenge? Register Now!

After my wife had our twins, I looked and felt like I was the one that was pregnant. Like so many other people, life just got in the way and I got out of shape – up early, work all day, take care of the babies until bedtime, and go to bed tired and frustrated. I weighed 202 pounds and my size 36 pants were getting way too tight. Lack of time was my biggest excuse. I decided it was time to suck it up and just make time. I registered to take the HealthyWNY Challenge.

I’ve attempted a few programs before, some with good results and some with not such good results. But I can’t say that I really followed them without some kind of modification. Sometimes, I added a few of my own ideas that I thought would make the results better. But with this challenge by HealthyWNY, I decided to see how the program worked, exactly as designed. I followed the program as close as I could with no changes. In Phase 1, when it said to take a 45 second break between sets, I took 45 seconds. In Phase 2, when it said to pick one of the three exercise types, I picked one of the three and not something that I liked better. The interval cardio training was my biggest challenge at the start. I hated doing cardio and couldn’t think of anything more difficult or boring. I would rather do my taxes or read a dictionary. And most importantly of all I used the “Improve it” principal everyday.

At first, I was concerned I wasn’t seeing results. I wasn’t losing body weight like I thought I should. I had trouble adding weight or reps during my phase I workouts. But when I couldn’t do more, I would wait say 10 seconds and then do a few more reps, or I would add another set, or something extra so I could do more work and improve. I also increased the speed of at least one interval during each of my cardio treadmill workouts. Not enough to really notice during a single run but over the course of two weeks, I was making a big improvement and my endurance was really getting better. Time was still a challenge but I always found a way to fit in my workouts. If I missed a day, it automatically became one of my allowed recovery days. If I was going to miss another day, I would do a double workout one day to make up for it. I’d get up extra early and run and then lift weights and do abs in the evening. If I ran out of time for abs, I would close my office door at lunch time, get on the floor, and go at it.

By week 7 or 8, the changes to my body started to become noticeable. And I had learned some new things. First, I realized that those “improvements” that I had always made in the past were probably my way of ducking an exercise I didn’t like or that I had difficulty performing and was probably nothing more than a form of cheating. And by making just a small improvement each day, I was making huge improvements over the course of several weeks.

Not cheating on the diet was another huge challenge. I didn’t feel like binging, and I didn’t miss those big meals that much. It was the little things here and there all day that we tend to put in our mouths without even thinking about it. I had to stop myself over and over again from eating donuts at work. And whenever I was really considering eating something that I shouldn’t, I would think about how hard my last workout was and that it would be a complete waste if I cheated!

By week 10, I could really see the difference and was shocked when I got on the scale to learn that I had lost over 25 pounds already! By week 12, I had lost 34 pounds and had a good start to a set of abs that have been in hiding for a long time! All of my belts are too big, and I’m back in size 32 pants. I’m in serious need of some new clothes and I’m getting complimented every day on how great I look. HealthyWNY has really provided a great program and I’m proof positive that it works! It’s easy to get started and everything is figured out for you. You just need to do it! If you follow the HealthyWNY Challenge as designed as I did and simply make just small improvements each day, you will reach or exceed your goals! Good luck, believe in yourself! Now every day I "love, laugh and always have goals," while I "live active and healthy!"

- Dave

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