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Payment for Membership to and registration for the HealthyWNY Challenge!

The average weight lost is over 20 lbs!.  Results may vary.

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Less than $7 dollars a week Includes

  • Registration to HealthyWNY Challenge
  • Website membership and full access to materials
  • Support Network & Success Coaching
  • Accountability & Coaching Reviews
  • Weekly Short Course Presentations
  • Life Style Strategy & Personalized Troubleshooting
  • Portion of payment goes to charity donation (Women and Children's Hospital)


FAQ. How do I start?

  1. Register HealthyWNY Challenge and submit fee via PayPal.
  2. Use login page to access website.
  3. Meet or E-Conference with a HealthyWNY Wellness Professional.
  4. Follow easy guidelines and the provided weekly agenda.
  5. Ask questions if any difficulty occurs
Price: $90.00

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  • Customized Content
  • Online Community
  • Supplements Store


HealthyWNY Challenge Includes

  • Fun Events
  • Free Consultations
  • Motivation
  • Training Guidelines
  • Abdominal Guidelines
  • Nutrition Guidelines
  • Goal Achievement
  • Weekly Shortcourses
  • Career Improvement
  • HealthyWNY Community