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Congratulations to Nick, a shipping handler in the manufacturing industry.

Winner of January-March 2014 HealthyWNY Challenge.

"The 2014 HealthyWNY challenge was a great experience. For me, the challenge was broken down into 3 categories, exercise, diet, and the method of setting goals. This was not just to lose weight or gain muscle, but also to maybe get that job that I have been looking for. I am striving to become a police officer.

The exercise part of this program gave me a better idea on how to measure progress. By writing down all of my reps and being able to see what I was doing the time before is what made a big difference in progression. Changing my workouts every couple weeks is another main factor. Muscle confusion is one key that I picked up while doing this program. By doing the same workouts over and over again or even just doing the same weight and the same reps you’re not getting any stronger and your muscles get bored. You have to think that your muscles are like anything in life… just doing the same thing over and over again you get bored. It’s the same thing with your body and abilities, you have to push your personal limits. Further, that’s why the “interval burn cardio training helped me the most because it was jog for two minutes then sprint 30 seconds which was very challenging.

The diet I think was and continues to be the biggest key in getting results. Getting all the right carbohydrates, fats and protein is critical. Not only does it make me feel better, it also made me look better. I don’t feel as tired as I was when I first started the program, I have more energy than when I first started and I feel more open minded and confident. Eating 5-6 times a day instead of maybe 3 times a day helped me to consume the right amount of calories that I needed. By eating more throughout the day I felt more energetic and focused.

I always knew in the back of my mind that exercising the right way and also eating right would help me change my body and mindset. Though, I never thought by just eating the right foods would make me more open minded and confident in myself. I know now that by setting goals and by striving to reach that goal with everything you have, step by step will get you there. Personal milestones I have reached because of HealthyWNY are 9 lbs of fat lost while gaining muscle, 4.5 min off my mile and a half time, I read 3 entire books, I reduced the amount of social media I was using, and I am well on my way to preparation for my police exam."


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