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Mariya's Success Story

The program developed by HealthyWNY really demonstrates educational knowledge and strong spiritual achievement that give great results. It leads participants to their desired results if they follow the guidelines continuously. Simple as that, if followed it works, if not-no results. Keeping in mind that i am a true vegetarian for 4 years now, it was further important that HealthyWNY was able to provide me with the best nutrition effective diet so that i remain energetic, toned up and happy while working out hard on a daily basis.

The first phase brings participants in shape and creates disciplines and passion to continue following the final results. It not only teaches the techniques needed to not give up but allows participants to choose their own schedule and exercises throughout the whole program.

The rest of the phases are developed to embed strength, courtesy and devotion. The “Improve it Principle,” or as I think of it “climbing the ladder technique,” creates a path of reaching towards the final goal. The Workplace workout program is developed for all different people and allows them to emphasize on their individuality and definition of what it takes to do the challenge.

What helped me to finish the program was having a variety of different combined activities to choose from. This was including sports, training exercises and a fun time. I think one of the most important things was the communication that Wellness Professionals provided on a weekly basis to us. It brought flavor and motivation to the fitness exercises and to the program as a whole.

Other important items that define the program are the healthy tips, recipes and nutrition guidelines. Eating healthy is the basic element of living well and long. The program provided a wide range of recipes, foods and explains what effect they have on the human body. HealthyWNY has delivered the information to the participants in a very knowledgeable and creative manner via personal interaction and their website. I have tried a lot of the recipes and used the suggestions to help me stay energetic and enthusiastic during the workouts.

The program helped me reach my final goal. I have lost 10 lbs. while gaining lean muscle and I am more flexible, energetic and feeling well. I enjoyed the time or journey that I spent every week working towards it, as well. I kept a daily log that helped me track my results. I plan to do the program again, perfecting my efforts, and I recommend it to everyone who loves exercising, sports and energy. Everyone deserves to be healthy and happy!


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