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So far this has been my motto for my life and how to be happy. I aimed at keeping it simple but it can be applied to any aspect of life. Readers can interpret it for their own lives differently but in general I will provide a few ideas. First, one must love them self and others around them. Live active and healthy. Furthermore one must enjoy every day and laugh as much as possible. Live active and healthy. Finally always take on or set new goals that require many, hours, weeks, years to accomplish in order to continually be learning and working towards achievements in the form of self development. Live active and … You get the idea! It works for me, millions around the world, and I promise, it will work for you as well!

Now just setting goals is not so helpful, one must work hard to succeed with accomplishing them. Quitting is not in a successful person’s vocabulary and it shouldn’t be in yours. Non successful people can talk themselves out of just about anything, using excuses that allow their minds to overcome the guilt they experience through their acceptance of failure. This will not be you! It is only truly failure if you choose to ignore the lesson it offers and instead decide to not continue attempting to conquer it. Perseverance is failing 9 times, and then continuing to achieve the goal the tenth attempt when at any time you “could,” have quit trying. So stop saying “I can’t!” and just do it. Something that is difficult or at one point seems impossible to overcome, will be that much more satisfying once you have finished it and can move on to bigger better goals.

You’ve heard it before… Baby Steps. A baby has to learn to crawl before it learns to walk, then after some growth or self development so to speak, the baby as a child will strive further, to run. Finally this baby will have improved and grown from a child into an adult who can sprint. Infomercial products and fad dieting will never work, there is no instant fix, get ready to put the time and effort in to get the end results you desire. Honestly you got to want it badly, so put your mind to it and it’s yours!

Enter my “Improve it Principle!” If every time you attempt or practice something and you “improve” upon what you did the previous time, then there is no possible way to not get better over time and guess what, you will achieve what you set out to do without a doubt.

Say your goal is to be in a rock band and be the lead guitarist. First you set the goal and buy the equipment, a guitar. Next you spend some time every day or almost every day practicing with the “Improvement it Principle,” mindset. First you sound like dying kittens and your sister or roommates hate you. Then by never relenting, you practice your self-development through music and with continual improvement you eventually join the band. Blah Blah Blah more practice and Pow! You’re in a rock band and playing in front of a crowd with every one singing along to your songs. Not so hard to fathom when it’s put like that is it?

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Start small and build upon what you started so you can ensure that you will finish it. Be positive, set your goal realistically, and apply the “Improve it Principle,” to achieve any goal you set without it feeling like a burden. Believe in yourself!

Time to improve your quality of life by promoting physical, mental and psychological well-being. You are going to feel so energized and enjoy every day. There are so many benefits to living a long, healthy and active life. Like an oil change for your car, you can think of your transformation as preventative maintenance for your body and soul. Why wait until there is a problem to rehab your body. Oh and remember it is never too late to start. Regardless of genetic make-up, you can and will be able to complete the HealthyWNY Challenge. Hey maybe you’re not Olympian material, but you can make lifestyle choices that cause you to lead healthy or unhealthy lives. through holding the “HealthyWNY Challenge,” is dedicated to work with any individual or group wishing to improve themselves as well as their fitness. The greatest asset of HealthyWNY is the ability to motivate and inspire participants. Your goal is similar to multitudes of other people in the professional setting and is definitely obtainable. It will require dedication and initiative but through joining the challenge, you will have already portrayed some of the needed qualities.

Take the challenge one day at a time and continually strive to be a little bit better every day.