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Congratulations to Denise age 63!

She has won the 2014 April- June HealthyWNY Challenge.

My Goal

Is to drop about 20 lbs. and keep it off. I want to build some more muscle and tone up. Perhaps even wear a bikini this that is scary.

How to reach my goal…

I plan to reach my goal above with determination and commitment to the HealthyWny wellness challenge. I have joined the gym with a friend and we are following the program. We are going to try Zumba, Exercise classes and resistance training as much as possible. No alcohol during the weekdays though I may indulge on my free day! A recipe for success.

My motivation

My motivation is to prove that it is never too late or that one is never too old to work out. It is all in the modification of the workout and how it works for you. Working out is not an option. I will re-shape my lifestyle and my body & find my waistline again...LOL

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