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"One-on-one" Success Coaching

Ever had trouble sticking to your plan of action while attempting to reach a goal? HealthyWNY is here to help!

HealthyWNY Success Coaches and Wellness Professionals ensure positive progress.  We are here to motivate & support you along your personal development journey!

HealthyWNY will train the governing principles vital for following through to success and beyond.  We troubleshoot your lifestyle!

Standard Rates - One on One Success Coaching

1st Evaluation Meeting - FREE

7 meetings (Bi weekly) - ONLY $225 USD - Normally $400 USD

14 meetings (Weekly) -   ONLY $350 USD - Normally $800 USD

Session discussion examples:

  • Progress Evaluations
  • Helpful Techniques
  • Time & Stress Management
  • Positive Behavioral Psychology
  • Self Development
  • Success Principles
  • Nutritional Assistance
  • HealthyWNY Core of Heath Guidelines
  • and much more!

For more information contact us at or 716-807-1749

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HealthyWNY Challenge Includes

  • Fun Events
  • Free Consultations
  • Motivation
  • Training Guidelines
  • Abdominal Guidelines
  • Nutrition Guidelines
  • Goal Achievement
  • Weekly Shortcourses
  • Career Improvement
  • HealthyWNY Community