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Congratulations to Amber age 29!

Winner of 2014 Sept - Nov HealthyWNY Challenge.

“The HealthyWNY Challenge and my life.”

The HealthyWNY Challenge by HealthyWNY has made a serious impact on my lifestyle and I am now happy to say it is now a healthy one.  In the past, I had always looked at myself as a healthy person; I enjoyed working out regularly and knew the importance of eating healthy, but I was looking for something new to change up my existing routine.  With that said I was really looking for a new plan that was fun and helped me to step up my workouts. The cardio portion of this challenge helped me to really improve my performance in running. The interval burn cardio exercises helped to cut my mile time down by over 1 minute. That was a huge accomplishment for me because I track my mile times everyday and it was really refreshing to see a change in my times. I ran my 5K over 3 min faster!!!  Being exposed to HealthyWNY's strategy towards training was what helped me see a noticeable change in my weight as well. Along with the strength training I really saw a change in the tone of my body. The eating portion of the challenge was what I had more trouble with. Even though I think I usually eat healthy, I did have my days where I like to eat whatever I want. However, by the end of the challenge I really got motivated with my diet and that was where I saw the most improvement.  I have found first hand that one can exercise quite often but without proper nutrition, it really doesn’t make a difference, at least when it comes to seeing changes in myself.  My clothes fit better, I have so much energy, and it was nice to see a decrease in my bodyweight.  I lost about 14 lbs of body fat over the 12 weeks while getting stronger all at once. I definitely feel as if I am ready for the vacation to beach that I have planned 2 weeks after my challenge completion.   I also plan on sticking to a similar routine because it has been working for me and I hope to see continued success in my healthy lifestyle.  I am a bride to be in the spring of 2015 and looking my best on my wedding day is very motivating for the new goals I will be starting on shortly after my vacation.  This program is highly effective if you take it seriously and really go for it!  Thank you HealthyWNY for continuously supporting me along my journey.  ~Amber

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