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Benjamin A. Blankenship

  • ISSA Certified Personal Trainer
  • Business and Life-style Strategist
  • Tae Kwon Do & Martial Arts Instructor
  • Success Coach & Wellness Expert
  • Fitness and Nutrition Fanatic
  • World Travel Enthusiast
  • Master’s of Science in Mechanical Engineering (The State University of New York: Buffalo)
  • Bachelor’s of Science in Mechanical Engineering (The State University of New York: Buffalo)
  • Bachelor’s of Arts, Mathematics (The State University of New York: Buffalo)


Welcome to the HealthyWNY community!

My goal is to empower others to get what they want out of their lives everyday!  I care about my client's success and will do just about anything to help them get to their goals!

It is with great pleasure and excitement that I welcome you as a potential member of our great services at HealthyWNY Inc.  You have likely taken interest because of your defining characteristics such as a positive attitude, motivated personality, and a skilled background.  We are confident that we can add great value to your life through working together.  Our mission is to create and maintain an environment of synergistic thought, intrinsically driven efforts, and creative collaboration.  Clients make use of success principles as they are inspired and improve their lives in incremental steps.  HealthyWNY Inc. helps people get to their goals whatever they may be!

You will be joining the area’s newest tradition of excellence and adding to the impressive efforts of HealthyWNY Inc.  Remember you are always a student first and continuing education will be important.  You will find our coaching to be beneficial as well as challenging at times.  I encourage you to take ownership of each improvement large or small and or each effort you make.  "Live active and Healthy" and “love, laugh, and always have goals!”

HealthyWNY looks forward to working with you, our newest team member.

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Benjamin A. Blankenship 
Owner and Wellness Professional

HealthyWNY Inc.


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